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  • Farewell Mr. Coggins

    Posted on July 22, 2011

    I attended a funeral today for a friend of the family. Buddy Coggins passed away.  My Mom and Dad and their crew were all great friends with Buddy. Buddy has a son named Casey Coggins who is one hardworking guy and has been a friend since I was a child.

    Buddy was a great guy and lived the way he wanted to live without any apologies and probably never hurt a soul in his life.

    The preacher mentioned something at the funeral today that got me thinking. He said Buddy had his demons. He said we all have our demons.  He said “You could just see Buddy’s though”. Buddy had a fondness for drinking and enjoying friends and music. The preacher said “if you think about it you can’t see most peoples’ demons”. This got me thinking about how they say in the Bible that God judges people on your last day. That I know of the Bible says you either go to Heaven, Hell, or somehow get stranded in Purgatory for a good case of “time out”.  I’ve never been much to believe that my Creator will judge me or anyone at their final days. I don’t really know if I believe in going to Heaven or Hell. It got me thinking about getting judged for how you live your life though. As I drove away from the funeral, I was pondering how in the world could someone as good of a soul as Buddy go anywhere other than Heaven even if he liked to drink. Then I kind of found my way a little further down the line of understanding my belief.

    Could it be that God is in all of us? I believe that. Could it be not that God judges you on your final days but we all judge you? Every person you ever met, every person that you ever became friends with, and every family member you ever knew, what if they judge you? Now “judge” is not really the appropriate or precise word for what I’m talking about. I’m not really sure if there is a word to describe it and I don’t know if spending time searching for a word to explain something of this nature is even worth the time. I’m saying that Buddy was a loved guy. One of his dear friends stood up in the funeral service and said there is not a person in this world that didn’t like Buddy Coggins.  If the people that love you are the people at your side on your last day and there’s not a soul in that room that has any bad words to say about you well I’d say Heaven awaits you my friend. Even more over than that if you can go to sleep at night knowing that you live your life the best you can and you treat everyone you meet with compassion and respect and wish the best for everyone and are willing to lend your fellow man a hand when it’s needed, then God Bless you and sleep tight.

    I have to add that I had asked Buddy’s son, Casey, to help me with some work a few days back. He was more than happy to help any way he could. During the work a pipe that leads water to the house got hit and I didn’t have water. These things happen when you’re doing work and it wasn’t a big deal. The day that Casey found out about his Dad being sent to the hospital in Atlanta was the same day he was supposed to fix the water situation. He was on his way to Atlanta to check on his Dad and had one of his guys come by and make sure I had water that day. Now those actions speak about as high as you can about how good of a guy Casey Coggins is. I’m very sorry for the Coggins family’s loss and all of Buddy’s friends and wish them all the most peace in their hearts as they remember Buddy.