From time to time I like to speak my mind. I do that in this blog. I can take off my floaties and go to the deep end and drop some serious science about the way I think about life,talk about how awesome it would be to eat ice cream with Elvis, how I'm afraid of heights but not snakes, or talk about what me and my childhood buddies would do if one of us won the lottery. It's all good stuff so check it out.



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  • Art for Auction! Autographed drawing of Coy!

    Posted on November 21, 2010


    Autographed drawing of Coy Bowles

    Size:  15″ X 22″

    Medium:  Pastel and Conte’ Crayon

    This framed portrait of Coy Bowles was drawn during one of the last performances of the Zac Brown Band on the Sailing Southern Ground Cruise.  It was drawn from the stairwell to the left of the stage, during a performance.  This drawing is autographed by Coy Bowles

    Follow this link: